41% milk chocolate with Piedmont hazelnuts I.G.P - 110g - 3.9 oz

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Fine whole milk chocolate with the best hazelnuts from Piedmont I.G.P

Crunchy and well-balanced with whole, hand-picked hazelnuts. Our roasted hazelnuts come fresh from Piedmont. The beans for our chocolate come from Peru or Santo Domingo and have been sustainably processed and certified. After production, our chocolate "rests" in the climate cabinet for about 14 days to get the perfect "crack".

What means I.G.P?

I.G.P. stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta (literally Protected Geographical Indication) and it indicates a mark of origin that is assigned by the European Union to agricultural and food products for which a certain quality, reputation or other feature depends on its geographical origin, whose production, modification and/or processing takes place in a certain geographical area.

In this case the best hazelnuts you can get.

Inhalt: 110 Gramm - 3.9 oz

BBD - at least 4 months from delivery.

50% hazelnut kernels*, 41% cocoa mass in milk chocolate.*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla extract*.

*EU agriculture / non-EU agriculture

Nutritional values ​​& analysis results based on 100 g:

Energy kcal 586 kcal

Fat 44.4 g

of which saturated fatty acids 17.1 g

Carbohydrates 38.2 g

of which sugar 32.1 g

 Protein 9.7 g

Salt 0.15g


Allergy Advice:

May contain traces of peanuts, eggs and sesame.


Store cool and dry.

Customer Reviews

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Himmel U Papesch Decker


Roland Goepel
Top, sehr lecker. Ein Genuss

Ein Erlebnis, sein Geld wert

Ganz tolle Haselnüsse!

Die Nüsse in der Schokolade sind hervorragend. Und schmecken frisch gerötet. Dadurch unterscheidet sich diese Schokolade erheblich von anderen Schokoladenmarken. Die sie umhüllende Vollmilchschokolade schmeckt auch sehr gut, könnte für mich vielleicht einen Tick weniger süß sein.

Lu Pawel
unbedingt kosten!!

zart schmelzend, frische Röstaromen, toller Knack,
eine Vollmilchschokolade mit echtem Suchtpotential!

Scmeckt mir sehr gut

Diese Schokolade ist durch die Nüsse wunderbar knackig und hat trotzdem einen zarten Schmelz.