twoRabbits goes USA - Baumkuchen

Welcome to twoRabbits!  Here is our new US web shop:

With us you get, traditionally layer by layer, baked Baumkuchen and handmade chocolate. We only use natural and fresh ingredients, without preservatives or flavor enhancers. We dip our Baumkuchen in the best chocolate, pack it lovingly in a beautiful box and send it out, with FedEx to you in 3-4 days - as ambassadors of good taste.


Products and ingredients that we value:

The eggs - local and fresh.

The butter - best butter from Germany.

The flour - free of genetically modified organisms without the use of preservatives and additives.

 The marzipan - prepared with 58% almonds from the Mediterranean region.

 The vanilla - pure bourbon vanilla beans.

 The chocolate - expressive fine flavor cocoa from Peru, harvested in the rain forests, organic and fair trade.